Richard T. Stith, Jr.

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Richard T. Stith, Jr.

In Memoriam

'Dick Stith dies, former Clayton mayor'

Article by Michael D. Sorkin, St. Louis Post Dispatch, StlToday.com Reporter (published 2/16/13)

More than just about anything, Dick Stith, who died at age 93, wanted to become a lawyer. But his law school classes were interrupted by the eve of World War II, and he quit to join the Navy.

He never returned to law school, but his passion later inspired his four surviving children. All became lawyers.

One is a judge on the Missouri Supreme Court, two are law professors and another is a senior trial attorney for the government. Two others who he considered adopted members of his family also became lawyers.

Mr. Stith returned from the war a decorated combat pilot. He opened his own insurance and financial planning agency and went on to become mayor of Clayton. He married Ann Carter See, the late advocate for clean government and prison reform.

Richard Taylor Stith Jr. died Feb. 10, 2013, at the St. Louis home of his longtime companion, Marie Morrison. In 1998, he and his wife had moved from Clayton to a condo in St. Louis. He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, his family said. ....Read Full Stl.com Article Here


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