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CCF Clayton History Committee Members

Established in 2007


Welcome to the CCF Clayton History website. The history committee was launched in late 2007, when a group of Clayton citizens met informally in anticipation of the centennial of the city of Clayton's incorporation in 2013.

The committee is now a formal organization. We invite anyone who shares an interest in history, not only of Clayton, but also of the entire region to become a member. We are busy discovering details, documents, photographs and people with wonderful stories to tell. Our aim is to collect the various pieces that make up the rich puzzle of our past. Information and donations will be recorded in one place that is accessible to all as a permanent resource for reference and research.

Please consider becoming a member of the CCF Clayton History Committee. Help support our efforts to preserve and promote the long interesting history of the County Seat of St. Louis County. For more information, contact either Sarah Umlauf at (314) 226-9893 or email or leave voicemail at (314) 467-0712.

Bringing history to life,

- The CCF Clayton History Committee

2018 Committee Members

Katie Lerwick - Commitee Chair
Rebecca Thorn - Vice-Chair
Liza Streett - Secretary
Cheryl Verde - Webmaster / Archivist
Sarah Umlauf - Community Resource Coordinator
Cindy Berger
Scot Boulton
Jo Chrisner
Judy R. Goodman
Kate Goldkamp
John McCormick
Paul Mercurio
Bob Paster
Patty Paster
Steve Rosenblum
Jim Sherby
Hank Winkelman